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Sonya & Tony offer advice on how to stop drinkingTony and Sonya are our names, and we are the owners of this blog and the passion behind the help to stop drinking program offered here.

We have written and prepared this material in response to these major observations in our lives with regard to our personal relationships with alcohol:

  • Alcohol is such a pervading and socially accepted drug that even if for a small moment we are able to stand back and look at our behaviour from afar, most of what we accept, like, and even approve of, are not really very acceptable at all.
  • Why do we accept these behaviours and why would we approve these influences into our children’s future?
  • Why do we feel a pervading sense of guilt around these behaviours?
  • If smoking has become socially unacceptable, why is drinking alcohol not viewed in a similar negative light?

A quick internet search is even more bewildering.  The universally accepted advice regarding excessive drinking is simply to “cut back” on alcohol, “drink in moderation”, rather than stop drinking now!

Let’s think about that for a minute.  If the medically accepted advice tells us that is OK to keep doing it, but places conditions on the way you can do it, then why does that same advice need to be reiterated so often?  Why should we “drink in moderation”?  How much is moderation?  Can an alcoholic ever drink in moderation? How much is alcohol is safe to drink?  Should I stop drinking?

It’s not working, is it?  And it is confusing!

Why do we offer advice to someone who is suffering the clutches of an unwelcome drug – and tell them it’s “OK”,  just try learning to drink in moderation!  And then send them back into the clutches of an uncontrollable urge to drink more alcohol with little or no support to resist temptation!  Doesn’t make sense.  And neither does our societal acceptance of this problem.

Alcohol is a silent killer in our society, and the best medical advice is merely “try to drink in moderation”.

How do we know this?  We were caught in the trap – up to our necks!

But we found a better way to stop drinking.  Let me describe how we narrowly escaped from the trap…

How do we know about the Alcohol Trap?

We were raised squarely within the all pervading vapors of the alcohol society, and naively waited in line – waiting for the trap to snap shut.  For more than 25 years, alcohol was a daily ritual, and even if it was initially only at low levels, the gradual exposure and dependency grew to ever increasing degrees.  We drank harmful amounts every day, with very little attempt to drink in moderation.  We always thought we were in total control, and certainly would never have admitted a problem.  Maybe the jaws of the trap were closing around us, even now, we don’t really know how close we came to getting stuck.  We didn’t know about the trap being set for us, and we could not even consider that we had been sucked in.  Sounds a lot like denial.

Sure we often tried to “cut back” and “drink in moderation”, congratulating ourselves that we were in control, because we could always have the will power to stop drinking.  Then we would celebrate by having too much to drink at the very next opportunity.  Contradiction!  Luckily our unwelcome friend was always there to reassure us that it was OK to keep drinking.

Drink in Moderation – What a Joke!

We always tried to stop drinking for those special occasion dry months such as “Dry July”, “OctSober”, or any other scheme aimed at relying on short term will power to stop drinking.  Fortunately, all we had to do was pay the fine for slipping off the wagon, whenever will power became overwhelmed by “won’t power.”

The trap was closing, and will power was not enough to cope.

How did we Avoid the Alcohol Trap?

We are lucky to be free from the jaws of the trap.

However there is no quick fix for alcohol dependency available on the internet.  Medical advice suggests all you have to do is cut back and drink in moderation, but this relies on will power.  There is a better way, and that is to treat the cause and not the symptoms, and we would like to show you our tips to stop drinking.

We can show you a better way that is trusted, proven, pain free, hassle free, no fuss.

Alcohol is the New Tobacco

Yes – the way we treat alcohol is destined to follow the way we are challenging the tobacco industry, and the way that smoking is now viewed as less than socially acceptable.  We need to tackle the alcohol problem more openly and be able to seek and find advice that really treats the causes, not the symptoms.

We want to give you the facts you need to defend yourself against the societal acceptance, the alcohol advertisements, our own friends and family.  The most important barriers exist within our own subconscious mind which chooses to believe that alcohol is a harmless, life-enhancing elixir instead of the harmful, life-destroying toxin that it actually is.
Fundamental to our program, we do not believe in labeling people as an alcoholic and do not believe that there is a condition called alcoholism.  We aim to show you tools and techniques such that you will change your relationship with alcohol forever, and help you to stop drinking.  We can show you the tips drinking less alcohol.

We will cut to the deepest levels of our understanding about this insidious drug, and how we are accustomed to welcome alcohol as a social norm.  Even though we all widely acknowledge the reason behind a wide range of health and social is primarily due to our inability to safely consume alcohol, we still do it.

Drink in Moderation – This is Still Dangerous!!

Everyone from the medical system, advertising, friends and even family reinforce the belief that it is OK to “drink in moderation”.

That assumes you have the ability and the will power to “drink in moderation”!

Our program is designed to be more than just a good read, or yet another self – education piece.  We plan to shake your fundamental understanding of the socially acceptable norm, and teach you a new paradigm, which will :

  • change your personal relationship with alcohol forever
  • show you how to stop drinking alcohol and stay stopped
  • offer you the easiest way to quit drinking
  • teach you ways to reduce alcohol consumption
  • show you how to drink less alcohol
  • have fun with this life changing journey
  • prove that you can and will enjoy your life so much more than you do now without having to drink alcohol.

If you want the knowledge that can help you permanently overcome your issues and quit alcohol, then look no further.  If you would like to know how you can stop drinking on your own, then we can help.

We can show you how you can Stop Drinking right now!

Be willing to take this journey with an open mind, and we will seek to explore and explode the myths around the single most widespread and accepted drug addiction in the world, and share our tips to stop drinking!

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Tony and Sonya Matthews