The following is a review of a television episode, called Wine O’Clock on Insight.  Insight is a current affairs television program, broadcast on the SBS network in Australia.  We found watching alcoholism true stories to be very moving, insightful and thought this would be an incredibly powerful video to share.

Alcoholism True Stories

What can we learn by listening to other people’s stories about drinking? Quite a bit, it seems.

This incredible documentary was produced as part of the Insights program on Australian TV.  And how insightful it was!

Although we think we’re aware of the effects of alcohol in the community, I was still shocked.  I was shocked and surprised by the amount of suffering in the community – all caused by drinking.

No matter what the external appearance of normalcy, there can be immense pain and heartache behind closed doors.  Because at the end of the day, we never really know what happens behind closed doors in other peoples homes.  We can’t hope to really know what happens in other peoples lives.

But the problems can be surprisingly similar.  And it highlights that we are not alone.  Alcohol is damaging to our health, our relationships, and our society.  Many people do not understand the guidelines around drinking, or choose to ignore the warnings.  We live in a culture where drinking is totally acceptable, and is actively encouraged at every party, every occasion, and everywhere we go.  We hear the warnings, we know there are risks.  But, it just seems that because everyone drinks alcohol, then we can too.

But how often do we have the opportunity to hear the backstories?

This Insight episode brings together a collection of people from sufferers to researchers, and those who have watched loved ones suffer from alcoholism.  So many people with so much suffering, makes this a compelling collection of alcoholism true stories.  And the universal backstory is that many of us find ourselves sharing our lives with alcohol.  People of all ages, genders and backgrounds are at risk from drinking too much.  All despite the evidence that alcohol is bad for us.

Every drink can cause harm

No longer should we think that we can place ourselves at risk by drinking an additive and harmful substance, and think we are getting away with it.  Research has proven that every single drink can be harmful.  There is no healthy level of drinking.  And the more we drink, the risks escalate dangerously.  Drinking a bottle of wine at night can increase then risk of getting cancer by 60% above those who don’t drink. Watch Wine O’Clock to see that statistic reported.

And the risks get worse as we get older

As we get older, we often find that our suppressed emotions and the problems from our past seem to get worse.  If we develop a habit with alcohol to alleviate those feelings, it only seems to make the problems worse.  Many people like to drink alcohol to relax and feel good.  But as we all know, when we drink too much, it only makes us feel bad.

And the longer we develop a bad habit with alcohol, the harder it is to change.

Take control of your habit with alcohol, and join us on a path to being alcohol free.

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