Is your conscience saying you drink too much?

What is your conscience saying to you?  Are you comfortable with the amount of alcohol that you drink every day?  Or do you hate drinking alcohol every day?  For many people, the conscience is a strong and powerful voice that speaks inside their head.  Once our conscience becomes fixated on something, it can be almost impossible to carry on.  And this creates enormous pressure on our daily lives, and the things we like to do each day.

Do you feel pressure to drink less alcohol?  Do you wish you could stop drinking?

Do you ever feel as though everyone is watching how much you drink, or that maybe you need to hide your habit from someone who disapproves of drinking alcohol?  That is what the conscience can seem like, almost as if some little person is sitting on our shoulder watching everything we do!

Do you feel bad after you drinking alcohol every day?

Back when I was drinking alcohol every day, I used to feel guilt and shame whenever I poured a glass of wine, and someone would come to the door and see me drinking.  It seemed that no matter what else I was doing, such as cooking, cleaning, ironing some clothes, or sitting down to relax, there would be a glass of wine next to me, and someone would see me having yet another drink of alcohol.

Drinking alcohol every day is a problem

Neighborhood children might drop in to play with my kids, or a parcel delivery would arrive, or a stranger might knock on the door, but there always seemed to be someone who would see me drinking alcohol – every day.  The worst time was when a group from my local church made a surprise visit to sing Christmas Carols at the front door.  Yep, there I was, yet again, with a glass of alcohol, and yet again, I got caught out drinking alcohol every day.

I guess the facts were unavoidable – I was drinking too much alcohol!

Needless to say, my conscience was also making me bad about my drinking habit.  I had begun to feel extremely defensive about the fact that I drank alcohol every day, and I fell into that spiral of denial about my drinking habit.  My conscience was telling me that I should stop drinking too much, but my cravings for alcohol fought back at my conscience and I would keep on drinking.

In fact the stress caused by the internal battle over alcohol just seemed to make the problem worse, and sometimes alcohol seemed to be the best way to relieve the stress from my constant worry and anxiety.  How ironic – the problem that was caused by getting caught out drinking alcohol every day, and when the stress and anxiety became too great, the only escape seemed to be to drink more alcohol.

This is the problem with alcohol

Yes, this is the problem with drinking alcohol every day.  When we know that drinking alcohol every day does not make us happy, but because we get caught up in the vicious cycle caused by alcohol, we tend to continue to drink more in an ever downward spiral.

I didn’t want alcohol to interfere with my family!

My time with my family is precious to me, and when drinking alcohol becomes a dominant factor in our lives, then the priorities are all wrong.  I didn’t want my children to see me drinking alcohol every day.  I didn’t want my children to think that drinking alcohol was more important than spending time with them.

Even worse, when other kids come to visit, what example does that set on young and impressionable minds to see an adult drinking alcohol every day?

My conscience was telling me to stop drinking alcohol every day

So even though my conscience was fighting a battle against my desire to continue drinking, there were other factors that helped me to see the real priorities.  My real priority is to spend time with my family, and when drinking too much threatened to steal that valuable time away from my family, then enough was enough!

Drinking Alcohol Every Day

I just could not stand the thought of letting something as harmful as drinking too much alcohol come between myself and my family, so something had to give!

In a strange way, it was the neighbourhood children who made me stop drinking.  Thankfully my conscience was able to overcome the deep denial that there was a problem with drinking alcohol every day.

Thankfully, my conscience won the day, and my family are the winners.  Alcohol no longer has any part to play in my life, and I feel so much better to have made the tough decision to stop drinking and completely change my priorities back to my family.  It was a tough process to work out how to make that decision with little or no useful information available on the internet.

But I did work out how to stop drinking alcohol every day!

Now, I love being alcohol free, and I want to help you to stop drinking also!