How To Quit Drinking and Avoid The Alcohol Trap

Quit AlcoholOne of the biggest issues in knowing that you need to quit drinking and escape from the alcohol trap is the basic realisation that you have indeed been trapped. Not until you realise that you are being treated like a prisoner, and that you no longer have your freedom, do you develop the true need to be set free.


Most people who are stuck in the alcohol trap are drinking too much and are not properly aware of their ominous situation. We may be concerned about the constant battle to shove more alcohol into our body, and then hope that it has all gone away in time to function properly the next day. We may be aware of the burden of guilt that goes away momentarily after a couple of drinks, but it is the same self-reproach that comes thundering back to bother us later. If we don’t see ourselves as having a problem with alcohol, if we fail to recognize the signs of drinking too much, then we are simply avoiding the need to take the steps needed to quit alcohol. This is simply denial.

Moving out of Denial

Our ambition in describing the alcohol trap as a physical, tangible object is to give you an image of something solid to focus on. Rather than continual worry about stress, guilt and other burdens that we carry around every day, you should be able to easily create an image of prison bars, or the teeth of an animal trap, or the lock on the door, or whatever manifestation works for you.

Realising there is actually a trap, or that you might be stuck in the trap, are the first steps in making a positive change. If you are able to see the trap, and you wish to avoid the trap, then you will have to assess the negative impacts of drinking too much alcohol, accept the impacts that drinking too much has on you, and honestly consider the impacts that your drinking too much has on those around you, and begin moving away from denial.

Does drinking too much really make you happy?

Has alcohol truly been your friend all this time? I am willing to bet it has let you down once or twice or more – perhaps caused you pain or embarrassment? Of course it has, and we all know that it will continue to be a very bad friend. We may choose to continue our friendship, lured back by more lies, only to be hurt and deceived once again. I don’t mind if you are getting pissed off right now – I know I would be!

Yes, we should be angry, but I need you to focus that anger into determination, so that we can use this emotion for good and not derail us from making progress. I don’t intend to just nibble around the edges of this problem. This is not going to be fixed with a couple of band aids. My ambition is to prove to you that with changes in beliefs, changes in behaviours, and a desire to make a positive change to quit alcohol, we will be able to make serious and long lasting changes to the way you fundamentally relate to alcohol.

We will shift the Paradigm to Quit Alcohol

This may seem like a step too far, but I assure you it is totally achievable to stop drinking on your own. It may take several steps, and a few iterations, but it is achievable. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the end goal is well worthwhile.

Truly effective change is only possible if we are willing to make a fundamental shift in our beliefs and attitudes. If we are able to take a step back and see things from a different perspective, we find that things are not at all what we originally perceived.


If we are successful in changing that paradigm, the old paradigm has by definition become redundant and immaterial. Each of your old attitudes, beliefs and opinions will be changed irreversibly and the new behaviours will become normal almost straight away.

Change the way you think about alcohol

What this all means is that instead of blindly following our cultural conditioning with regards drinking too much alcohol, we will no longer view drinking the same way as we once did. Alcohol will be treated on a level playing field with all other poisonous, mind altering chemicals. Logically we will believe that alcohol is deeply abhorrent and simply not a necessary part of our life.

This is not a difficult thing to do!

We have a process to Quit Alcohol

Achieving a paradigm shift requires a systematic process of change in the way we think. One of the things to look out for is that little voice in the back of your mind. In our case, that little voice gets a little carried away at times, and we have found does not always offer the smartest and best advice! We know that we want to stop drinking too much alcohol, but that little voice seems to offer nothing but contrary and confusing opinion.

Don’t worry if you have an internal struggle between good intent, at the same time as negative thoughts – this is completely normal and we are able to support you through these periods of doubt and uncertainty.  After all, this is exactly what we have done ourselves!  Each of these mixed thoughts gives us specifics to focus on, and shows where the shift in our thinking needs take place.

The way to stop drinking and avoid the alcohol trap is to understand that changing the way we relate to alcohol is a series of steps in a process and not simply a one time revelation. It is impossible to reverse the effects of a life time of cultural conditioning by the promoters of alcohol in a single master stroke!  But it is possible to relieve the symptoms of drinking too much alcohol.  It is difficult to instantly overcome the addictive cravings brought on by regular consumption of a mind altering substance.  You will be amazed at how the body changes after quitting drinking.  Yes Quit drinking lose weight!

To help you through this process, we will help you to reach the point of your very own paradigm shift. We have both the personal experience and knowledge to help you through the steps to help you stop drinking and avoid the alcohol trap. Despite the issues of giving up alcohol against the beliefs of our society, against the physical and psychological affects of addiction, and against you own existing paradigms, we can show you how to stop drinking on your own.

We have developed a program that consists of a deliberate sequence of safe and simple steps, with complete privacy, no feelings of humiliation, nor any pain or threat.  We can help you to quit drinking without AA.

To decide whether you would like to work further with us on our program, put your name and email into the form below and download our free eBook called “Why Your Attempts to Cut Down on Alcohol Haven’t Worked, and What to do Instead”.

This eBook is the first step in thinking about what your personal goals and wishes are, and if you want to stop drinking, what place you want alcohol to have in your life.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the content.

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