Could it be possible that drinking alcohol is good for you?  Up until recently, it was considered that moderate wine drinkers might have benefited from a lower risk of heart disease in comparison with non-drinkers.  In a parallel with the beneficial aspects of super foods such as chocolate and berries, it was thought that the antioxidants in wine provided health benefits.  Unfortunately, upon receiving such wonderful news – “is drinking alcohol good for you” many moderate drinkers immediately set about drinking too much alcohol.

The problem is the second part of the message states – “if you drink in moderation.”

And that is the problem with Alcohol

So, as for many aspects of our lives, the devil is in the detail, and even if the first part were true, and that there was indeed some benefit to be gained from drinking alcohol, all of the potential benefits are immediately wiped out by drinking too much.  The problem is, by the nature of addiction to alcohol, it can be difficult for people to have just one glass before undoing any benefit by having too much alcohol.  This is always the way with an addictive substance, and the outcome can only be negative when we drink too much alcohol.

And now we have received the next round of bad news about alcohol.

The alcohol studies were flawed!

It turns out that drinking was never good for your health in any amount.  The original studies looking for the health benefits in alcohol, posing the question “is drinking alcohol good for you?” were flawed!  It is almost as if they were trying to find benefits of drinking alcohol.

The wine drinking studies weren’t conducted according to a proper scientific method. The studies of wine drinker versus non drinkers used a control group (otherwise known as the scientific benchmark) which actually consisted of “reformed non drinkers” who may have brought health issues to the experiment from previous alcohol induced problems.  The original study compared moderate drinkers to complete abstainers, but the group of abstainers included a high proportion of people who had quit alcohol due to poor health, so essentially they set up a situation where the abstainers had worse health (more than likely due to previous alcohol habits) than the drinking group!

Is drinking alcohol good for you

So widespread is the problem of drinking alcohol that the scientists conducting the wine drinking studies probably struggled to find enough non drinkers for the control group!

So you can see the problem with the experimental control group, where the definition of “non drinker” was closer to “My doctor told me to quit alcohol before I die of liver failure.”

This is worse than flawed science, this is actually using alcohol induced illness to make alcohol seem like a saviour!   Nothing could be further from the truth!

Even more worrying is that I think the researchers did not want to believe that alcohol is harmful, such is the power that this poisonous addictive chemical has over us all.

And that is the problem with Alcohol

Even the researchers didn’t want to stop drinking!

And consequently, the original studies that found is drinking alcohol good for you were wrong, and unfortunately, the bad news is that alcohol is not good for you, and oh by the way, it is a poisonous and addictive drug that can kill you.

Sorry but how can alcohol be good for you?

Alcohol is not Good for You!

Have you ever wondered why drinking alcohol feels so good?  Have you ever wondered why eating food feels so good?  Have you ever wondered why eating chocolate feels so good?

Yes it is true that drinking alcohol makes you feel good, and this is because it is a psycho active drug that stimulates the pleasure center of the brain, and sets off a flood of dopamine which creates a temporary sense of well being.

But alcohol is not the only way in which our body can stimulate the production of dopamine, and we certainly don’t need to rely on alcohol as the only source of happiness and well being in our lives.  Well we shouldn’t anyway.

Many other things make us feel good, such as eating food and eating chocolate.  But we generally find a natural way to finish eating, when we are full.  And we can enjoy chocolate without becoming intoxicated.  Both make us feel good, in very similar ways to drinking alcohol, but without the problems that drinking too much alcohol causes.

It is not the anti-oxidants in wine that create the feelings of enjoyment and well being.  It is the alcohol.  If the anti-oxidants are important to you (and they are healthy) then you could increase your intake of berries, grape juice, and some of the multitude of other super foods which have been proven sources of anti-oxidants and other health giving nutrients.

Alcohol has been proven NOT to contain any health benefits.  Time to stop kidding ourselves, and realise that drinking too much alcohol is stealing our health and happiness!  The problem with alcohol is that it affects the way we think, and it controls the way we act – drinking alcohol is not good for you!


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