Has your Doctor ever told you to cut back on drinking alcohol? 

Are you afraid that when you go to the Doctor that he or she might tell you to cut back on drinking alcohol?  Or even worse, have you already received medical advice to stop drinking? What are you going to do when the Doctor tells you that you drink too much, and that you should consider reducing cutting back on alcohol?  This can be a very stressful event for some people.  Firstly because it can come as a shock that your health is at risk, and also because you may not have realised that your lifestyle is at risk.  Even worse is the possibility that your life expectancy can be cut short, unless you make some changes to your lifestyle.  So what are you going to do about it?

Alcohol is damaging to your health

There is a very real risk that drinking too much alcohol can damage your health.  The problem with alcohol is that it has been associated with a range of health issues.  Everyone can experience different problems, from liver damage, high blood pressure, heart problems, mental health issues and cancer.  What this means is that if you develop issues with any of these different aspects of health, you may find yourself consulting a different Doctor.  But even if these different problems may seem disconnected, they can all be associated with drinking alcohol.  And the Doctor will know it.  So when you get medical advice to stop drinking, what is your reaction, and what are you going to do?

Will you accept the Medical Advice to Stop Drinking?

Some people are so shocked by their Doctor’s advice that they immediately commit to changing their lifestyle.  The move to cut back on drinking alcohol can be a step in the right direction.  But there is always a risk that old habits are so deeply entrenched that people find themselves falling back into bad habits with alcohol.  It can seem to be a step in the right direction to follow Doctors orders in the short term.  But to see long term health improvements, it needs a long term focus on cutting back on alcohol.  Will you take Doctor’s advice and stick to it over the longer term?  It can be disappointing to find yourself slipping back into old habits with alcohol.  If you find that you have tried to stop drinking but it doesn’t work, then let us help you find a long term solution to quitting alcohol.  In fact, we can find a way to help you stop drinking and stay stopped – click here to find out more.

Are you in denial about Doctor’s advice to stop drinking?

On the other side of the coin are the people who do not or cannot accept the Doctor’s advice.  At first, it might seem crazy not to accept the Doctor’s advice. But there are many people who are in denial about medical advice to stop drinking.  And these people are at risk of dependency on alcohol and may not be able to cut back on drinking.  If we continue to drink against medical advice it suggests that we have become dependent on alcohol and are unable to reduce or cut back on drinking.  This is an example of the way in which alcohol has a devious impact on our lives, and sometimes we don’t even recognise the danger.

Is Your Health in Danger?

Medical advice to stop drinkingThe danger posed by alcohol dependency is real and we should not go into denial.  If the Doctor has advised that you need to cut back on alcohol, then it must be true.  Maybe not right away, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later, there are consequences of our actions.  And the consequences of drinking too much alcohol are not good.  Alcohol is called the silent killer, because it acts silently and hidden away from view.  It is never seen at the bars and parties where there is fun and lights and laughter.  Alcohol is a killer that Doctors recognise only too well.  Just because we don’t see in public the long term consequences of drinking too much, but Doctors do.  And when a Doctor advises you to cut back on drinking, it is not a warning to be taken lightly.

You can’t avoid the Medical Advice to Stop Drinking

This does not mean that we can avoid going to the Doctor!  Quite the opposite – if we need to look after our health, then the Doctor is the one person who will tell you the facts.  Will we listen when the  Doctor tells us to cut back on alcohol?  Will we believe the Doctor when he or she tells us we are drinking too much?

When the Doctor tells us to cut back on drinking, will we listen?

There is a way that you can cut back on drinking without any pain, with no feelings of loss or discomfort.  Here at Love Being Alcohol Free, we have a found a way that you can give up drinking without medication, without having to leave home, and without having to pay for expensive rehabilitation programs.  We believe that there are some excellent Doctors that you should welcome into your life to look after your health.  These six great Doctors are Water, Sun, Air, Diet, Exercise and Rest.  Alcohol is definitely not one of the best Doctors in your life.  Sure it can make you feel good temporarily.  But the feeling never lasts, and eventually alcohol just makes us feel bad.

Look after your health and follow medical advice to stop drinking.  If you want some help with cutting back on alcohol, then click here to find out how!

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