Does drinking alcohol make you look older?

No one wants to look older than their age, so we need to be careful with things that can make us age faster.  And this applies to some common lifestyle habits that affect many people.  Does drinking alcohol make you look older?  Yes it does.  In particular, we should be concerned about the effects of alcohol on skin, and especially alcohol wrinkles on the face.

So what are the effects of alcohol on skin?

As evidence that we all like to look younger is the incredible number of anti-ageing products on the market.  Every day it seems there are new and ground breaking discoveries of products that can help to make us look younger.  And the only reason that the anti-ageing industry is so lucrative is because so many of us spend a lot of money trying to avoid looking older!  So we need to be wary about the effects of alcohol and aging.

Would you like to look younger?

Many women spend a lot of money on skin care products, body care products, and hair care products, with the sole aim of trying to look younger.  Surprisingly, males also spend a lot of money to look younger than their age, maybe not the same amount as women, but almost as much!  Actually, the numbers are not important for this discussion, suffice to say many people, both men and women are obsessed with trying to look younger.  Without a doubt, many people believe that beauty products are the best way we can avoid looking older.

But surely there is more that we can do to look younger?

Instead of trying to apply beauty products to look younger, maybe there are some other things to do to avoid premature ageing.  There is nothing we can do to stop the ageing process, but it does seem a little pointless to try to apply beauty products at the same time as ignoring some of the physical benefits of good health.  At the end of the day, makeup and makeovers simply cannot mask the effects of a poor lifestyle, and especially the effects of alcohol aging.  Instead of trying to hide the effects of alcohol wrinkles, we recommend some simple changes to avoid poor lifestyle factors, and apply the natural methods to look younger.

What things should we do to avoid looking older than our age?

Does drinking alcohol make you look older? Yes it does!

Many people believe that alcohol is somehow good for our health.  But the opposite is true!  Alcohol actually contributes to many cancers, heart and liver problems.  And it contributes to premature alcohol aging.  Because alcohol dehydrates the body, it creates wrinkles and fine lines in the skin that no amount of beauty product can fix.  The effects of dehydration from alcohol cannot be rectified from the outside.  And no amount of beauty cream can rectify the damage caused to the skin.  If you are interested in trying to look younger, cut back on alcohol!

We need to nourish the body from the inside

Another problem with alcohol is that it interferes with the body’s ability to uptake the required amount of vitamins and nutrients each day.  When we drink alcohol, the liver has to work hard to metabolise the poisonous and toxic substance.  It does this at the expense of normal operations.  Some vitamins are actually depleted by the presence of alcohol.  Alcohol is a solvent and it can reduce the healthy fats such as vitamin E.  When we drink too much alcohol, the body can actually become undernourished.   When we don’t have the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, then we have a direct cause of poor health.  And this is way in which drinking alcohol can make you look older.

Some people even go so far as to try to find out what is the healthiest alcohol and we have a clear answer to that!  Can you guess what it is?  Read our article HERE for further detail.

Stop smoking

Most people have a general awareness that smoking is bad for health.  So if you care about your appearance and if you like to look younger, then why would you choose to smoke?

Vitamins help to reverse the Ageing Process

One of the best ways to ensure that the body receives adequate vitamins and nutrients to take a daily supplement.  Vitamin C is good for the regrowth of collagen.  Which is especially good for maintaining healthy and younger looking skin.  The production of collagen is especially important to prevent alcohol wrinkles.  If you are at all interested in how to look younger, then it is important to maintain healthy skin.  There are also benefits to taking daily doses of vitamins B and E.  Especially if there is any reason why we don’t consume enough of these vitamins in our diet.  (for example if we drink alcohol which depletes vitamins)

Regular exercise

No matter what level of fitness you are at, your body will benefit from regular exercise and movement.  We need fresh air to pump up the blood with a supply of oxygen.  We need to increase the circulation of the blood to all parts of the body, and especially to the fine blood vessels under the skin.  Exercise is important to maintain healthy muscles, avoid fat deposition, and to keep that healthy appearance which makes us look younger.  Exercise is always a good way to prevent the effects of alcohol ageing and those annoying alcohol wrinkles.  There is great benefit if you avoid alcohol and avoid inactivity.  Read about it HERE.

Drink more water

We all understand that the body needs water to rehydrate, but perhaps we get a bit lazy, or complacent.  Are you serious about maintaining your health and trying to look younger? Then it is important to make sure that we drink adequate water every day, and avoid being dehydrated.

Get a good night’s sleep

Now that you have developed a healthy lifestyle with nourishment, water and exercise, it is important to allow the body to heal from the inside.  The body performs all of the important restorative processes when we sleep.  So make sure that you give your body the time it needs to get better.  We know that when we miss out on sleep, we look and feel tired the next day.  Drinking alcohol has been associated with poor sleep, so that is not helping to look younger.

Does drinking alcohol make you look older?

Are you serious about trying to look younger? Then it pays to think about lifestyle rather than looking for the next wonder pill or magic cream.  Are you are concerned that drinking alcohol is making you look older? then maybe it is time to make some lifestyle changes.

There is a common belief that we can eat and drink whatever we like, and then repair the damage later.  But in reality, when we cause damage to the inside, it will inevitably show on the outside.  We should be concerned that alcohol can make us look older. The effects of alcohol aging are very real, and we can all see the appearance of those worrying alcohol wrinkles.  And we can’t rely on magic potions to undo the damage.

Are you worried that drinking alcohol make you look older?

Do you want to avoid the risk that alcohol makes you look older? Then we highly recommend that you try our method to stop drinking.  We have never been happier that we no longer are causing damage to our bodies, and damage to our health.  Feel younger and look younger without the influence of alcohol – we can help you to stop drinking.

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