Drinking Every Night
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The Power of advertising – drinking every night

I know it can be difficult when drinking every night becomes a habit.  And I know what it is like to be drinking alcohol every day.  I remember when it starts with a couple of drinks on the weekend.  Then it feels good to have a drink after work.  Then it feels good to have a drink every day.  But I also remember when drinking every night caused more pain than pleasure.

When did drinking every night become a habit?

However, the great irony is that I just don’t know when it changed.  I just don’t remember when it changed from a few drinks for fun to drinking every night.  And I don’t know when drinking alcohol every night became a habit.

But I do know that what seemed like a simple bad habit almost became something that I could not control.  Be careful because drinking every night can be a hard habit to break.

Why do we think drinking every night is ok?

If an advertisement says it is ok to drink alcohol every day, does that mean it really is okay?  You and I know that it is not okay to drink alcohol every day, but the power of advertising seems to twist the message and places an unknown amount of influence and suggestion in the minds of young people.

After all, how do they know what is good for us, or that drinking alcohol every day is not good for long term health?

So we need to be aware of the power of influence that surrounds the perception of alcohol in our society.  From the outside, you might be confused for thinking that alcohol is somehow good for us, or that there are no consequences for drinking every night.

Drinking every night ?

Drinking Every night

It is not just young people that are affected by the power of advertising – what are your subconscious beliefs around drinking every night?  Were you brought up to accept that alcohol is an everyday part of our society, and that it is acceptable to drink alcohol every day?

Do you believe that drinking too much alcohol can have negative impacts on your health?  Do you believe that alcohol is an addictive mind altering drug, which has actually been shown to have direct links to cancer and other lifestyle diseases?

It is ok if you are shocked to find out some of the truths about alcohol, and it is not surprising that many people do not believe the negative consequences of drinking alcohol every night.

It is not your problem and it is not your fault!

The problem is due to the long term social conditioning that has been brought about by the marketing and promotion of alcohol in our society.

Despite the fact that young people have supposedly been protected from mass exposure to alcohol advertising through the media, there is enough cultural conditioning in our society that means youth are nevertheless conditioned to accept that alcohol is an everyday part of our lifestyle.

Drinking every day is part of the culture

If you still don’t believe me, just consider the latest advertising pitch from a worldwide alcohol promoter.  In release of a new product, and to increase their competitive edge in the market, a well known beer brand has launched a platform of drinking during the day.

And what about songs that make light of getting day drunk?  Seems like a lot of fun!  But the consequences of getting day drunk are real, and probably escalate to drinking every night as well.

The message about drinking alcohol every day

Whilst this is no doubt aimed at influencing a happy lifestyle and people enjoying the company of others in their leisure time, the message is yet another example of the alcohol industry conditioning people that drinking every day is acceptable, and that enjoying life in the short term does not have any consequences over the longer term.

Think of message received by younger people about drinking alcohol

  • Go on – it’s okay to drink alcohol every day
  • It is okay to drink alcohol all day – it is good for you!
  • Go on – today is written off, you may as well drink for the rest of the day also
  • Go on – it’s okay to drink every day – you know you want to!

And they are not the only manufacturer trying to win the hearts of alcohol consumers who have plenty of spare time.  Other brands such as sparkling wine actively promote their products for whenever there is a special occasion, and this of course includes afternoon and even morning occasions if they find an excuse.

But we know what is good and bad – don’t we?

If you still don’t believe me, just cast your mind back to the spring and summer advertising campaigns.  There are always promotions for the latest way to increase your social activities with alcohol.  And lots of young people drinking alcohol every day.  Powerful stuff, and virtually no warning to explain the negative consequences of daily drinking.

There has been a massive increase in the general public with increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and healthy eating habits.  Many people have plans to spend more time exercising, and better lifestyle choices.  However, the cultural conditioning is still heavily weighted towards sharing alcohol as an acceptable part of the lifestyle.

Most people acknowledge that they need to spend more time doing some sort of physical exercise.  We know that we need to improve our diet and gain a better, more balanced lifestyle.  However, there seems to be less understanding of the need to change the attitude to drinking alcohol every day.

And the problem is the social and cultural conditioning around drinking alcohol every day.  For some reason, we have come to accept daily drinking as normal behavior.

And this is the problem with drinking every night

The problem is that alcohol is an addictive and mind altering substance that changes the way we think.  It changes the way we live, and changes the way we plan our future.  Often we plan to spend our time wisely and productively.  Or we intend to achieve our goals and ambitions, and we intend to improve our health and lifestyle.

But then we find that under the influence of alcohol, some of our best intentions fall by the wayside.  We miss out on some of the best opportunities that pass us by.  Sometimes we wish it would be different.  But many of us have found that alcohol can easily become a daily habit.  And we come to understand that alcohol is not a friend.  That is the problem with alcohol.

The problem with alcohol

There are many of us who have fallen under the influence of our social and cultural conditioning.  And found that drinking alcohol every day interferes with our good intentions and prevents us from reaching our full potential.  That is the problem with alcohol.

I know how it is with drinking alcohol every day, because that’s how it used to be for me.  I see the promotion of alcohol misleading people about the social and cultural benefits of this addictive and mind-altering drug.  And I am greatly concerned about the long term affects of this message to the community.

Feel free to read more about the subject of drinking alcohol every day, and what we can do about it.

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